The latest shabang

A blog... another one? Srly!

Oh understanding the blogging kind: tough times. Strange breed they are indeed. Assuming their pipe dreams being of interest to anybody else: what an almost arrogant and utterly erroneously assumed perception.

So what's this after all? It's a playground - my playground. At times I like coding along - building stuff. Abusing the good for the worse. This is where I do exactly that. Plus, putting out some music, books and thoughts can't cause no harm. In doing so, I am just writing up on things so I can memorize them better. If you want to drop me a line, do so:

You wanna know who I am or what I do? I just finished Uni, got a glorious MSc degree in Software Engineering in Göteborg and am currently learning serious Frontend Engineering and Web Development in Berlin.

Credit where credit is due

“Blog! Please don't write yet another blog platform!”, a quote which got stuck in my head. Well, this is partially another platform. I know: writing is more important than reinventing the wheel. Nontheless, quickly putting together a little blog-thing can be a fun. Credit therefore goes out to the OpenSource community and toys such as: Bower, Composer, Grunt, SASS. LMVC and all the little things.