Know your Terminal

Yes, this is nerdism

Oh my. I know: this is pure nerdism. Don't feel frightend or change your perception of me. If you're not into geeky stuff, just leave. If you are but never liked the Terminal, don't be intimidated! A year ago I was getting goose bumps every time I had to touch that dark corner of my OS. Nevertheless, the more you use and get to know your shell, the more you'll like it. The more you will understand what's going on with your OS at times. After all the shell is an integral part and those bearded people who developed your OS in the first place tend to love it with other pretty strange things for a reason.

Please do not consider this as an introduction to the shell. It's rather lessons I learned using it. Look at it as a set of tricks easing a nerd's everyday life.

Fancy a zsh

Oh my. Oh_my_zsh will make your like the shell even more. It gives you auto-completion, themes and a lightweight plugin-architecture. All in all a road from which I'd never want to go back.

Yes, there is Bash and there is BashIt. Use what ever you prefer. I would never try to talk you into things. Nevertheless, you could upgrade Bash with ´brew install bash´ (assuming that you know homebrew).

Some commands: tricky di trick

Some closing thoughts

First of all you should alias all the things. Typing takes time. Time of you drinking a coffee. Find out about commands you run often and customize your own aliases. Most fancy dotfile-repositories come with good ideas on what to alias. Don't take those for granted just keep on thinking and customizing.

These are my personal aliases on GitHub.

If you want to use aliases for git you can also add them to your .gitconfig. For inspiration you might aswell checkout mine (just a start) on GitHub.

Now I will leave you alone with your Terminal for a while. If you leanred anything don't hesitate to get back to me and teach me some new nerdism.